Very quick tl;dr: uBO will no longer with Safari, use Firefox or a new "content blocker" app (see below for good replacements). In the past few months, and especially in the past week, there have been a lot of posts and comments question.

How to fix 'This version of Safari is no longer supported ... - iMore 23 Jul 2015 Should I upgrade my browser, and if so, should I use Yosemite? Leopard on your Mac, with the requisite security and app updates offered,  iPadOS upgrades Safari, and now I love my iPad - CNET

I don't know if i have to update my browser or what but I can't access the (2) If you're already on the latest version of Safari, clear the cache 

‎Puffin Web Browser on the App Store

How do I clear my Internet browser history? Information on how to clear your Internet browser history. How do I install and use the browser extensions? — note: due to Safari API limitations, browser extension does not work with file: URLs; if you’re working with local files via file: URL, please use Chrome or insert the Script snippet. TubeMint - YouTube

Apple's iOS 12 and Safari 12 Update Now Available - SMU 17 Sep 2018 Today is the day for the latest iOS update for your iPhone and iPad, plus an update to the macOS default web browser, Safari. Here are a few of  7 good and 3 bad things in iPadOS - The Verge 24 Sep 2019 it handled windows or webpages should be excited to install this update. Apple's fix was to have the current Safari browser tell websites that is exactly My advice: give up on the idea that your windows are anything like  Apple iOS 13 update has feature for automatically closing ... 30 Jul 2019 A new feature in Apple's iOS 13 update for the iPhone will let you track of the number of web pages you have open at a given time on your phone without It's one of several new features coming to Safari in iOS 13, Apple's new Italy IT · Japan JP · Malaysia MY · Netherlands NL · Nordic SE · Poland PL 

Update your iPhone to avoid a massive hack uncovered by ... 30 Aug 2019 Update your iPhone's operating system as soon as possible long-running iPhone hack taking place through the phone's Safari web browser. Safari 12 is now available for macOS Sierra and High Sierra ... 19 Sep 2018 In fact, if you use Safari as your daily web browser then it's a good idea to update to Safari 12 as soon as possible, as it includes security  Safari App Extension Install and Updates - Honey 4 Sep 2019 If Honey was installed prior to updating to the new app extension, then you icon on the upper left corner and then About this Mac or update to  How do I disable Java in my web browser?