Your phone doesn't have to be dangerous; downloading a safe-driving app that limits phone functions while driving is an excellent way to turn your phone from the culprit into a distracted driving solution.

Cellcontrol, Devices, Prevent Texting While Driving, Prevent Phone Use in (i.e. allowing Navigation and Music apps while blocking texts and calls) through an  Apps that block your phone while driving| RAC WA 15 Oct 2018 Apple introduced its Do Not Disturb While Driving mode last year with its texts, Facebook and non-hands-free calls when you are driving and 

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Because of this and the growing number of accidents on the road due to distracted driving, app developers saw an opportunity to help drivers stop using phones when they’re behind the wheel. App Inventor 2 No Texting While Driving, a “text answering machine” app that auto-responds to text messages you receive while you’re driving (or in the office, etc.), speaks text messages aloud, and even sends location information as part of the automated… App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer

How to turn on 'do not disturb' while driving on iPhone and ... 20 May 2018 Giving your phone a rest when you're driving is always a good call, but the In the Settings app, tap “Do Not Disturb” and scroll down to change the lets calls through and will offer to read aloud incoming texts and invite you  How to Use Do Not Disturb While Driving - MacRumors

How to Eliminate Phone Distraction While Driving Read on to learn how to eliminate this risk and drive safely. Turn Your Phone Off While Driving Your Car Install an App That Will Block Calls, Texts, Etc.