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A malware might cause the Firefox browser to freeze regularly. Removing the malware may fix Mozilla Firefox freezes every few seconds and can also clear missing certificate errors that pop up while surfing the web. SSL Security Error - MozillaZine Knowledge Base A security exception is a way to tell Thunderbird that you understand that there is something wrong with the SSL certificate but you've decided that you're willing to take the risk, so Thunderbird should make the secure connection anyways… GitHub - pyllyukko/user.js: user.js -- Firefox configuration…

11 Mar 2017 Your Connection is not secure is one of the common problems on Firefox & in you will be given an option to load the site with an exception. How To Disable Firefox Insecure Password Warnings Though the majority of users shouldn't disable Firefox insecure password warnings, When a website is using HTTP, you have an insecure connection that  How to sove Your connection is not secure error? - Auslogics 7 Mar 2019 Chrome and Firefox browsers come with a list of certificate authorities preinstalled in their software. The Your connection is not secure message is for your protection, so you. Now click on Confirm Security Exception.

5.Click Confirm Security Exception if you want to trust the site. I had this weird issue "Your connection is not secure" whereas Chrome works 

Self-Signed SSL Certificate Warning - InMotion Hosting Support… In this article I'm going to discuss why you would be receiving a warning or error in your web-browser when trying to access your server via the self signed SSL certificate while using a secure connection.

Fix Your Connection is not Secure Error on Firefox: Deleting the cert8.db file for Firefox, Disable SSL3, Restart Your Router, Check Your Time And Date, Your connection is not secure - Mozilla Firefox Browser

How to fix SSL Error on Chrome and Mozilla Browser? Error in Firefox. Fix 'Your Connection is not Private' Error in Chrome. Finally, click on Confirm Security Exception to put the nail in the coffin. Note that this  This Connection is Untrusted / Your connection is not secure 13 May 2019 Related Errors: Your connection is not secure. Cause: This error occurs in Firefox. The ATO's Security Certificate has expired or is not yet valid. Firefox says "Your connection is not secure", but should I care ...