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Google Maps for iOS can now use your contacts—Google ... 5 Mar 2013 However, Google Maps 1.1 still does not have the ability to use your iPhone's contact list for this purpose—the people you want to see must be  Google Maps Adds Location Sharing, Quietly Drools Over ... 22 Mar 2017 Google Maps Supercharges Location Sharing, Begins Drooling Over temporarily hide contacts they don't want to see on their map, via a kind 

Contacts - Google ma... - Xero Community While hardly the end of the world, i think intergrating google maps into xero could be a "nice to have" feature. "view all customers on a google map at once".

Google's Trusted Contacts app updated to include custom ...

By default, search results will show any contacts in your Google Contacts*. To see a Google Contact's address on the 

Developers have created a high-quality Google Maps component for Vue.js apps. A contact form allows us to add and edit our contacts and we can get and delete We need an HTTP client, a Material Design library for making our app look 

After much help from Bob, apple support we learned that if your privacy settings don't include Google Maps in Contacts, you can go to the  iPhone owners: You can now use Google Maps to share your ...